Before and After

I got my hair cut last Saturday. And here’s the before and after:

Look at all the long and crazy hair!

I was so so so excited to cut it all off. Some girls get very attached to their long locks – not this girl! Hair grows, and that’s always been my motto. If I don’t love the length it’ll grow back. 

Drumroll please….

So short and fluffy! I LOVE my new hair. I actually like washing, blow drying, and styling my hair now. This is a big deal for me. I am anti-grooming. Ask Manfriend, I have an aversion to daily morning showers. Not in a gross way, just in a “it takes too long to shower” and “showering is such a lame chore” kind of way. I blame my father for this attitude. Growing up, our house was on a Septic System so we were drilled to only take 10min showers or “the septic tank would fill up and our house would sink into the pit of the earth” Not really, but this is what I thought would happen. 

So, that’s my girlie news. Fluffy hair. And it’s a lighter red too, something different I haven’t tried before.