Trusty Crock Pot

I received my crock pot a few Christmas’s ago from Momma-son. I attempted to use it once while I was in college. I got up early to prep the meal, put everything in and let it cook on low for 10 hours. I didn’t make it home in 10 hours and the whole meal was ruined and burned to the pot. Domestic Fail. 

I decided to revive my crock pot in honor of a potluck. Weren’t potlucks created just to have an excuse to use a crock pot? I think so. 

So, in honor of the Winning Ways Christmas Party I made this Vegetarian Chili recipe. 

My “cookbook”

I combined all the ingredients, and it looked like this:

After 2 hours on high it came out like this:

Yum. I think it was a crowd pleaser. Manfriend and I decided it’s not so much a “chili” as it was a thick bean soup. It was still warm and tasty so it was perfect for an outdoor potluck. 

Crock pot didn’t let me down. Domestic win!