Trophy Wife Training

Yesterday I made the drive down to OC to spend the day with my good college friend, and fellow water polo alum, Taylor. 

Taylor and her Madre practice Pilates, and I’ve been interested in taking a class so Taylor signed us up for a 10:30 Level One class at Core Reform Pilates in Newport Beach. 

I was a little nervous about how my bionic ankle would react to the exercises since I’ve been reluctant to try anything new besides Spin and Swimming. 

We arrived to the class a little early and our instructor, Kelly, asked me if I had any injuries (oh, yea) and then went over the reformer machine with me. It looks a little like a tourte rack, and it might be if you think about it…

I really liked the class! And Kelly was very aware of my bionic ankle and modified exercises so that I could still get a great workout. It was also really interesting to see the wide range of women in the class. Mid 20’s – older women all working to stay fit and healthy. I couldn’t believe how fast the class went, maybe because it was something new for me but I was almost sad it was over.

I came home last night and searched my area for a good Pilates Studio, and there’s one 3 blocks from my house…but it’s so expensive…$40 for a class :( Now I understand why it’s a Trophy Wife thing. Boo. 

After our class we were a little hungry and it was a beautiful day so we decided to head over to Fashion Island. 

Once we parked we made our way to the mothership…AKA Lululemon. If you don’t know what this is, and don’t own any of their products…get. on. that. Yea, it’s expensive, but it’s the most amazing exercise/workout/grocery shopping/work clothing you’ll ever put on. We both fought the insane urge to buy anything.

At the suggestion of one of Taylor’s friends that worked at Lululemon we decided to have lunch at True Food Kitchen. She said it was a great lunch place, and they have amazing cocktails…sold. 

We got there just in time before the lunch rush.

And we ordered some cocktails:

Taylor got a Skinny Margarita and I had an Acai Pomegranate Mojito. So perfect.

For lunch I ordered the Brown Rice Teriyaki with Shrimp:

It was delicious and flavorful. Taylor had the Chicken Red Curry – also amazing. 

The restaurant is based on Dr Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Food Pyramid.  So the menu is marked with several vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meals. So perfect for us.

After lunch we walked back over to the mall and did some shopping. 

We had a bit of a sweet tooth so we found ourselves at Pinkberry:

I had the pomegranate fro-yo with raspberries. Yummy!

It was the perfect Trophy Wife in Training day. We felt very OC Housewives. 

Amazing day with even better company.