Holiday Hiatus Hibernation

I didn’t do much posting over the holiday hiatus. Honestly, I didn’t do much of anything. There were no trips out of town, no major events, just some good relaxing time. 

There was Christmas:



For Christmas I gave Manfriend 2 tickets to AMA Supercross (for this weekend), I also got all of his watches fixed and bought a fancy watch case to store them in. I even got him a new watch to add to his collection! 

Manfriend gave me an awesome new pair of sunglasses, a Harvey’s purse (I’ll post about it soon) and new UGG Slippers. 

It was a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family, and Christmas morning with his. We did dinner with my parents on Christmas evening. It was a very busy weekend. We both worked (me from home mostly) up until the weekend of Christmas so we were very excited to have a whole week off together. 

We didn’t make any major plans for the week off, we thought about going camping or to SD to visit friends. But instead we decided to stay in town, relax and catch up on some errands. 

Things we did between Christmas and New Years:

– Laundry

– Oil Change

– Car Washes

– Tinted ICEE’s windows

– Put License plates and Frames on ICEE

– Picked up a new bed for Manfriend’s parents

– Cleaned the house

– Bought and assembled a new bike rack for the house

– Bought and assembled a new bookcase for the house

– Cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner several times

We spent New Years Eve Day at the LA zoo!

It was a great way to spend a sunny December day. 

That night we made dinner and drinks at home and watched Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Show. 

New Years Day is Momma-son’s birthday. For proof of her name:

We had Hibachi for dinner. It was so yummy. 

Momma-son is having fun, I promise! 

After dinner we went back to my parent’s place for gifts…and kitties!

Jan 2nd we decided to embark on an adventure. We rode this on our bikes:

Ugh. It was rough, but worth it when it was over. We’re planning to ride it several more times until it gets easier. 

That’s the wrap up! Now it’s back to work and our normally scheduled programming (minus Community on Thursday nights – boo). 

Happy Hump Day!